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My Custom object instantiated in my XIB file is released… is that normal?

I wrote a NSObject subclass, which I use as a table controller in a dedicated XIB file. This XIB file instantiates this class, which is correctly used until… it is dismissed due to lack of retains!
I did solve the problem simply by retaining it, but I do not see why I have to… Did any of you face the same problem, or did I do something in my code I do not see?


First iPhone app available! Some success for now…

My first iPhone application, “Call My Home”, is now available on the AppStore. You can find it by searching its name (or mine!).

It has already had some success (not too surprising since it’s free…), with more than 3000 downloads globally (for just a few more than 3 days). It has even reached the 13th position for Utilities in French AppStore!

For more news, you can follow softRoch on Twitter, or have a look to (currently in construction…), or even look at my app(s, more coming) on the AppStore.

Thank you in advance for your comments!

PS: You can get the application or look it with the following link.


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