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Read iTunes Connect weekly reports within Open Office or Excel

Getting these iTunes Connect’s weekly reports, but wondering how to get something useful from them? Not quite sure what to make of all this text files?

Just use this script to transform your weekly reports and read them easier in OpenOffice or Excel! What can this script do for you?

  1. Concatenate all files to get them in one big file, with one header line.
  2. Transform tabs to semi-colons, ensuring a better column recognition when opening with the worksheet editor (I was having some shifts with tabs due to spaces in my app’s names).
  3. Add the file’s date as a new column in the output file, from the files’ names, allowing to have a column indicating the week of the report in the same format all over the document. In my case indeed, the format of the dates provided by the reports are changing over the time, making it harder to get readable information from them.
  4. For French developers like me, it is better to have colons than dots in number fields, so it replaces dots by colons, in order to have numbers recognized as such. In countries preferring dots as decimal separators, you should rather remove this part of the script or you won’t be able to get numbers recognized too.

Here is the script! Have fun! (in my case, I then opened the output file and began making “cross-dynamic-tables” (don’t know how to translate it from french “tableau croisé dynamique”).


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