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Oups, I forgot: Happy New Year!

I did not post for a long time, I worked on several other things and did not come up with many things around iPhone development, or any useful tip. But 2010 is there now, and it is my first resolution for this year to give you daily updates! (no I’m just joking…).

Have a nice year however, my precious readers 😉

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Changing iPhone app name dynamically? Huh, no…

[Edited] That’s possible impossible. (In the simulator, it is. In the real life, the iPhone must be protecting its app bundle’s files. I think I wasn’t patient enough to read the doc on security. And it’s a logical security measure…)

So you can can’t let the user choose the display name of your application (the one shown in his iPhone’s Springboard).

Not more possible for the icon, alas, I already tested some time ago. I suspect the icon to be merged with the gloss and frame layers at installation time, so it won’t reload afterwards… while the bundle’s name will! But since you can’t change it… But if someone does make this happen (out of jailbreaked iPhones I mean), I’d be happy to know!

See you (with things that work)!

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