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Automatically restart an app having started a call?

This post will be quite simple. Its goal is to answer this question : is there a way to automatically restart an app which has initiated a call, once this call ended? This question is pretty related to my own apps (I hope you already know them! if not, just check them in the AppStore! most are free!), since these are phone shortcuts (naturally just a little advertising picture below…).

My iPhone shortcut apps

So I recently checked to determine if I may make my apps a little more better, by allowing the user to have them restarting after the call ended. And the answer is… yes… but… this involves doing something which is not really nice in my case. In fact you can do this through using a WebKit view, and having a phone URL displayed in it. Having the user clicking this URL will bring a confirmation alert, if the user goes on the call takes place, and once it finished the app is restarted (you can Google this to find more details, I will not since I did not use this trick, doesn’t match my user experience goal!).

And that’s all! There is no other way, so if you don’t rely on a click on a link to start a call, do not hope to have your app restarting. iOS is not doing this… anymore (I remember it did in its first versions… it’s a shame it’s not customizable).

Have fun!

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