About me

I, Romain Champourlier, am honored to receive your visit on this little internet page, lost among billions of other.

Living in France, in the vicinity of our beloved capital, I work as consultant in computer science, more precisely in the area of banking electronic transactions.

Currently at the beginning of my professional life, and at the level of Junior Consultant, I am willing to continue my path in the working jungle world, and take profit of this to grow experience on project and team management, enterprise organization and development, etc., in the hope of, maybe, if I feel like it, building something on my own…

But at the moment, I only plan on building, little by little, this blog site! I don’t know what you have to expect here in the future, first I will let you gather bits of information about me, but you may find other interesting things later, so do not hesitate to come along sometimes, I will be pleased!

  1. Randall
    18/12/2011 at 5:45 am

    I am setting up an AWS configuration for an application that i am developing that seems similar to what you did. My environment is Ubuntu 11.10 running in a vm. My database is MySQL, I am using Enterprise Ruby, PHP5, passenger, and nginx. Although I can follow bits of what you documented, I am not able to get all the pieces to work together. Initially I had nginx working with the PHP and MySQL, however when I added the Rails application the whole thing quit working. Can you send me a more detailed (step-by-step) process for getting this to work? As it has been a long time since I worked with Linux, I may need some direction on removing my currently installed software and reinstall the software based on the directions.

  2. rchampourlier
    18/12/2011 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Randall,

    I’m sorry but I copied all the notes I took while performing this install… I got stuck several times during the process, and I tried to reorder my notes with the final solution I got with. However, I did not performed the install from scratch with this not-walkthrough, so it doesn’t surprise me you can’t get it to work… even if I’m sorry for it.

    I did not like Passenger having its own nginx installation and not enabling me to deal with several rubies without needing to install Passenger Standalone instances, and I also got stuck in a bad issue on my AWS AMI instance (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7331092/cant-fix-bundle-install-failing-for-gems-with-native-extensions), so I finally got rid of all this…

    I’m now working with a new installation, which seems very stable and which is far more understandable (for me) than the one with Passenger. I’m on Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS, still with a Nginx webserver (installed through the distrib tools), a PostgreSQL database. I’m managing my Rubies and gems with RVM, and I use Thin as a Rails application server. I’ve written a script to help me bootstrap the server, and recipes to help me with the deployment of Rails apps, I took lots of notes and re-played the installation process several times so this one should be more stable. I’m in the process of writing a tutorial on my new website (http://www.softr.li), but it far from complete, if started… However if you’re interested I can send you the notes, just tell me!

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