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Now more community sharing!

I just activate old and new functions with WordPress:

  • Rating on posts and comments, so do not hesitate to tell what you like, and what you don’t!
  • Sharing links to share posts with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and many more!

Enjoy the community!

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Oups, I forgot: Happy New Year!

I did not post for a long time, I worked on several other things and did not come up with many things around iPhone development, or any useful tip. But 2010 is there now, and it is my first resolution for this year to give you daily updates! (no I’m just joking…).

Have a nice year however, my precious readers 😉

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Old tips’n’tricks

I just found back some of my old notes when I was starting Cocoa development. So, since it was done in an application I do not want to use anymore, but I would like to keep track of them nonetheless, I will share them with you!

So you will get some updates which will be taken from these old notes. This means I may not remember well of it, and help you, should you have a question on one of them… But do not hesitate to try anyway!

Happy New Year!

I wish all potential readers an happy new year. As a good resolution for 2009, I will try to make this blog a little bit more active than the websites I have been making since now!

I also wish to be able to concretize some projects (clue keywords are: ecology, computer software, web2.0… and possibly, even hopefully, enterprise), but don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted with news on all this.

So again, happy new year to you, and may you bring your own resolutions to life!

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