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Fix Apple aluminium ultraflat keyboard

I have had a little issue with my Apple aluminium ultraflat keyboard: I used some cleaning foam to make it shine, and there must have been more liquid than foam on my tissue… and some must have gone to the ‘L’ key…

I faced the following issue after plugging my keyboard back: the ‘L’ key was acting like it was pushed, so as soon as the keyboard was plugged it started typing llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll… and so on. Typing another key stopped it, but then no way to make the ‘L’ key work anymore.

After having tried to blow on the unmounted key, unmount the mechanism, have some water on it, nothing made it, it was still not working. Finally, I ended up sinking the whole keyboard in water, leaving it there for approx. 2 hours, hoping the product would be gone. After 1 week drying quietly not far from the heater, it was working again as before!

Since during my first repairing trial I kind of broke some part of the mechanism, I had to exchange two keys (my broken ‘L’ with the never-used-number-pad-lock-key). To prevent this, please find a video (sorry voice and subtitles are in French) explaining how to unmount the key and the mechanism without broking it.


Good vibes on keyboard for Mac virtualizing Linux

After advancing blindfolded for a while, I finally put my hand on the good configuration for getting Ubuntu working nicely with my little Mac’s keyboard!

Needing to do some terminal’s configuration, I can hardly use the virtualized system without being able to type these little chars: |, \, {, }, [, ] and such bizarre things…

Just cutting to the end: here is what you want to see on your Ubuntu’s keyboard settings (may not be exactly the same in English, my Ubuntu is in French and I’m making the translation, sorry in advance):

  • Apple for keyboard model,
  • France-Apple Macintosh” for keymap (France is for me naturally, you’re supposed to get your own country there),
  • Edit keymap options:
    • key(s) changing the setting: I selected “Alt+Shift”,
    • key(s) selecting the 3rd level: I chose “Any Alt key”.

And now I’m very happy since I feel almost like on Mac OS X while typing on my virtualized Ubuntu machine!

Reminders on UNIX bases

Trying to set up a small Web server for development and testing in a VirtualBox virtual machine on my computer, I installed a text-only Debian. This now requires to look back in my souvenirs if I still have something on how to configure such an environment.

So here below are some tips that may help you solve problems when doing so, and that you may welcome to see took together here… (However, if you find errors or wish to complete them, do not hesitate to do so by commenting the posts.)

First tip: How to identify which services are set to start at launch?
I cannot give you the details right now, but you should surely have a look (understand do a web search) on /etc/rc0.d, /etc/rc1.d and so on. These folders contain links to service binaries set to launch (or not) depending on which configuration the server is launched in (for what I can remember, single-user, text login, graphical login, remote login? etc.).

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