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Ad’hoc distribution and expired certificate

Once a year, your iPhone Developer Distribution certificate will expire. This will involve the not-so-big-but-nonetheless-boring process to create new private keys, request the certificate, install it in xCode, et caetera.

But once this is done… you’re not finished yet! Remember of this friend of your’s you made a special app for you distributed through Ad’hoc? Its provisionning profile for this app is expired too… Now you’ll have to generate a provisionning profile again, with your brand new Distribution certificate, send it to him, and… huh, no, that’s not finished yet: you have to rebuild your application, since it needs to be signed with your new certificate!

(If you don’t rebuild the app, when trying to install with the new provisionning profile, your friend will get a “invalid signer” alert message.)

Wow! Finished all this? This time you’re done… hopefully.

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