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nginx + Rails (through Passenger) on different Rubies + PHP, all this on Amazon AWS

Hi everybody!

It’s been quite a long time since my last post… I have lots to do, I’m working on a startup project and I’ve now another blog on which I have to write. I do not spend so much time developing, and almost not any more for Cocoa…

Due to my project I’ve been switching to web application technologies, and since I’m looking in the startup ecosystem, I’ve been looking at Ruby On Rails. After having played a little with Heroku, I wanted to start with a more customized hosting experience, so I’m now testing Amazon AWS service, through their free 1-year tier (allowing a sufficient cloud hosting for my purpose).

However, since I found the road quite long to reach a working config (I’m really newbie as sysadmin), I put all the things I went through on an Evernote page, and now I’m sharing them with you. It’s raw, I’ll try to refine all this with the time, but it may help nonetheless. And feel free to ask for help, I’ll do what I can 😉

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A great article to have a better understanding of Javascript’s prototype

The concept of prototype, the variables involved, the meaning depending on the browser and the use in inheritance: a great article, clarifying the thing out in a nice way!

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