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Reunionite for iPhone available on the AppStore!

Reunionite iPhone application goal

Check and share with your friends your meeting costs with this free app for your iPhone.

Watch the demonstration videoGet it in the iPhone AppStore.


Another ranking for iPhone AppStore… almost exhaustive!

Today was announced on my favorite Apple/Mac/iPhone blog a new way of ranking AppStore’s apps, based on the “Customer Also Bought” references: AppRefs. Like many app developers, I got mine in the big list. The advantage of this ranking is that you can get the 10K and 45K ranking! Here is the verdict:

  • “Call My Home”: #10605
  • “Call My Work”: #18589
  • “Call Ma Chérie”: #19620
  • “Call Mon Chéri”: #20180
  • “Call My Best Friend”: #20181

Quite surprising the last two got one after the other!

100K downloads in the iPhone AppStore!

I just reached 100K downloads this week with my first iPhone app on the AppStore: “Call My Home”.

Adding the other apps, I am reaching 110 000 downloads! Nice, isn’t it?

If you don’t have it already, have a look in the AppStore, or follow this link to get on the apps’ website:

First iPhone app available! Some success for now…

My first iPhone application, “Call My Home”, is now available on the AppStore. You can find it by searching its name (or mine!).

It has already had some success (not too surprising since it’s free…), with more than 3000 downloads globally (for just a few more than 3 days). It has even reached the 13th position for Utilities in French AppStore!

For more news, you can follow softRoch on Twitter, or have a look to (currently in construction…), or even look at my app(s, more coming) on the AppStore.

Thank you in advance for your comments!

PS: You can get the application or look it with the following link.


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